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  • A dedicated customer oriented testing laboratory : Our showroom features our main unwinding, slitting, spooling, ultrasonic cutting and sealing technologies for product trials and process feasibility. Our mission is to deliver the best in-house service and support, whilst efficiently and effectively demonstrating to you, our converting technology capabilities. Dedicated specialists are available to perform trials with different cutting technologies in order to propose you the best solution adapted to your specific product and need. Don’t hesitate to send us your products or to submit your request to our specialist.
  • Strong manufacturers relationship : 
    Our privileged relation with major player in textile, nonwoven or tire markets allows us to work together and develop specific solutions. Our engineering department works regularly in cooperation with our customer engineers to design adapted equipment to better fill your process needs. For instance, we have developed specific solutions such as :
    • accurate cutting systems, for specific products or applications : razor blades for no cords cut in tire industry, combined hot sealing and crush cutting for vertical blinds fabrics, ...
    • precise and quality rewinder for larger or narrower finished bobbins : Precise centre surface technology for larger diameter on extended web width, traverse winding of jumbo spools for nonwovens used for
      hygiene application, ...
    • mechanical structure, for ultrasonic cutting implementation on off-line machine

Great customer service : 
Our sales team is composed with market specialists, with specific knowledge of various business sectors, to ensure the most appropriate answer to each customers' specific need : Quotation, Sales administration, Order follow-up, Logistics, ... 
Our after-sales department is dedicated to Customer Services : 

  • Start up and commissioning of equipment worldwide. Our engineers ensure start-up for an optimum production of our equipment
  • Training of customer’s operators. Our service proposes training of your operators to optimize your Spoolex's machine use and increase your productivity
  • Spare-parts, retrofit, repairs and equipment performances evaluation to maintain and keep your investment up-to-date