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Web converting equipment

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Calemard – Web converting and handling equipment

Thanks to its great experience, Calemard is recognised worldwide for its flexible slitting, winding and spooling solutions. Our sale and technical teams work together with our customers. Indeed, we develop reliable equipment, adapted to production process, but also to your own constraints. Our range includes different equipment such as:

  • Slitting machine
  • Spooling machine
  • Cutting bench
  • Splicing bench
  • Manual or automated solutions for loading, handling, conveying, unloading and packing

Decoup + – Ultrasonic cutting and welding solutions

Involved in ultrasonic technology since 1975, Decoup+ has gained strong market position. As a result, our brand is now recognised as the specialist in continuous ultrasonic welding and cutting. Ultrasonic technology enables to obtain easily clean and sealed edges, without overthickness, burning or fabric yellowing… We propose a wide range of devices, adapted to each step of manufacturing process:

  • Handheld devices
  • Units to be integrated on existing machines
  • Specific equipment for ultrasonic cutting or splicing

Roll Concept – Industrial rollers and winding cores

Since 1991, Roll Concept designs and manufactures industrial rollers and winding cores. Specially engineered to improve your process performances, our rollers combined light weight, durability, high critical speed, easy installation… both for machine manufacturers and end-users

  • Industrial low inertia rollers
  • Winding cores
  • Universal adaptor 3”-6”
  • Thermal rollers

Calemard 4.0

Today, because it’s important to bring production lines adaptable, flexible and reactive, we have developed numerous networked solutions to support our customers monitoring and productivity improvement processes. Thus, our Calemard 4.0 department can also support you with project such as:

  • Remote assistance on site and operator support
  • Production datas acquisition, analysis and tracking
  • Automation of conveying and handling operations
  • Equipment simulation